Multinational Operations Management

Reduce costs and make your business more robust

A platform that is designed to be accessible through internet technologies can be a very powerful way to help your business achieve scale in a secure way.

Integration and accountability

Clear and consistent data for users in different locations with different devices is an important way to ensure the smooth running of companies that have distributed stakeholders.

A single platform that manages permissions and work processes can also help to ensure that no important tasks fall through the cracks, as responsibility for specific services and challenges can be viewed and delegated at the click of a button.


It is typical for companies to run high risk and simple processes manually. The direct costs alone can hamper the competitiveness of a business, but the risks that can accrue from lost information can be even more dangerous.

We can automate many elements of a service, including collection and distribution of payments, interest accrual, membership processes, and other tasks that can suffer from operational risks.

Incorporate global talent

jhobi employs talent across the world, which helps us to find hidden talent, complete projects more quickly, and lower costs. We could not do this without our operations being controlled online, and we want all the same advantages to be in your company too.

Sophistication without limits

More and more methods for collecting and using information are being created every day, and the jhobi team works tirelessly to ensure that when clients partner with us, they will be operating on the leading edges. We constantly search for better techniques and technologies for your systems and ours – it’s a pursuit that we will never stop.

Our operations prowess team is available via


Diakrit Management Dashboard

Diakrit has more than 250 staff working in Bangkok, Stockholm, Oslo and New York. The management want the ability to see the progress of projects, sales and other operations for the whole business and top clients in particular. We are integrating with their existing database systems to provide 10 dense and beautifully architectured pages of live information about their company. Management can also scroll through time to compare today with historic information, and they can do this from almost any modern device, anywhere in the world.


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