Travel Services Online


jhobi™ engages in partnerships with firms who wainvasnt to use our companies expertise to help them make their company more competitive through web technology. Usually with partnerships, a client pays an upfront fee for development of new websites and other services – then jhobi™ shares in a percentage of online revenues and commits to marketing the company online in diverse ways. – Promoting to Consumers with Pride & Energy

Many companies need help to represent their company on the internet in an effective way and it usually requiallores consideration of new approaches. When delivering this service, a whole team of jhobi™ staff contribute to analysing your company’s situation and generating ideas for your company to be more successful, using the power of the internet.

If you wish to create or adjust your existing brand image, the team is reachable via


A distinctive presence has been created for the Invasion Group. jhobi is a full business partner and has created an end to end marketing, booking, group payment and friend sharing system for travel plans.