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Substantial advantages can be gained from doing business with customers and other stakeholders online: functional websites allow you to be open around the clock, at a low cost. They can also give customers more confidence by putting power in their hands. And the opportunity to sell related products and services in an unobtrusive way is very high.

When building websites, we take a very practical perspective and aim to increase the profitability of your business. This might involve finding ways to sell or deliver your services online. Alternatively, it could involve building mind and time share with your customers and other stakeholders.

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CampStaffUSA - Admin Panel
CampStaffUSA - Admin Panel is an international recruitment agency for staffing US Camp organisations. The website is the heart of the business, which has a partnership model with jhobi, receiving risk share, constant upgrades and 24 hour support 7 days a week from jhobi. Search engine optimisation and online marketing consulting services have also been provided to help the company grow.

jhobi™ allows candidates, camp administrators and officers of to each have separate logins to the system. It is possible for candidates to upload all of their details independently, and camp administrators can search for and directly recruit staff through the system. Even the visa processing is handled automatically. And when officers of offer additional services (such as active head hunting) to clients, they are able to handle all communications and processing through the online platform.

This all makes for a very automated, efficient, precise and powerful system. Even the bureaucracy.

Stronger connections

Build mind share and wallet share with customers by engaging with them more effectively online.

A powerful website can allow you to showcase a wider range of products and services 24/7 to those who are exploring or have already bought from you.

There is also great opportunity to add value and involve clients in the delivery process, which can greatly improve satisfaction and loyalty from a feeling of partnership.

Seamless experiences, for you and clients
Making the customer’s experience easier can help your company to be more efficient, by providing facilities such as online payments, subscription management, abilities for clients to provide further information about their needs, and allowing them to engage more in the service delivery process.

Marketing confidently

Once our clients have a clearer image and model for doing business both online and offline, they tend to become much more confident and aggressive with their marketing activities.

Whilst or after your platforms are under preparation, we can provide search engine optimisation and consultation for effective online marketing.


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