AMPrice provides you with a daily report that compares your Amazon store price, to the featured top seller price on Amazon’s general page for the product.


What’s included?

– Daily report, by email, in CSV format

On a single line per product:

– Your listed price, shipping charge, and delivery time window

– Amazon featured seller name, price, shipping charge, and delivery time window

– Amazon second featured seller price

– Amazon ASIN code



– $99 per month, for up to 1,000 products

– $49 per month, for each additional 500 products


Risk-Free Trial & Billing Policy

– When you sign up, the first 14 days are free.

– After 14 days, we will send a reminder for you to provide your debit or credit card details to continue the service.

– You will be charged for your first month on the 15th day, and every calendar month thereafter.

– You can cancel at any time during the trial or payment period by emailing or calling us:

+1 (202) 470-2575 for New York, +44 20 8123 0469 for London, +852 8199 0110 for Hong Kong, +61 2 8011 3221 for Sydney.


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